What Attendees Had To Say

"It is really good to be able to share best practices and to see how others are doing surmounting all of the different issues and challenges that we are running into."  

Kathren Pearce
IT Analyst
3M Healthcare

"It's a great networking event.  Really a good chance to interact with colleagues and other people going through the same type of thing that we are going through with serialization, compliance, and planning activities right now.  Great experience." 
Kurt Wieditz

Director/Team Leader, Global External Supply

"The two-day have been just wonderful, they really have. Tons of information.  The presenters have been great.  The event has been amazing.  if you have never been before, this is it."  

Alfreda Franklin
Project Manager
Osmotica Pharmaceutical 

"Events like NEXUS are important for the pharmaceutical industry because it brings people together.  We share experiences and insights and we make connections and those connections are used for making progress in our actual day-to-day work." 
Evren Ozkaya
Founder & CEO
Supply Chain Wizard

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